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Custom metal creations

Built in the foothills of beautiful Mount Rainier


I started B.A.D. Creations after years of creating indoor and
outdoor water features, yard art and unique metal pieces for
my friends and family.

My goal is to create a variety of unique pieces and features
that are functional and fun to look at. I want all of my pieces
to feel and appear natural and appropriate to the setting in
which they are placed.

I incorporate salvaged and natural materials as much as possible.

My creative process begins with an observation, a need or a
setting before quickly taking on a life of its own. Once I
begin the work I fall into a rhythm and the piece takes control
of the process. Very seldom is the final product what I had
originally envisioned.

My approach is proudly old school. My tools of choice are the
arc welder and oxygen-acetylene torches. For me, using more
modern equipment or computer templates would get in the way
of my creativity.

I hope you enjoy looking through the website. I would love
the opportunity to create something unique for your home,
yard or business.

Billy A. Dodge