Metal Features
I love the challenge of working with metal. There are so many types of steel including round bar, square bar, expanded metals, grating etc., not to mention the various metals like stainless steel, black iron, copper, to name a few, the list is endless. With so many choices I can create a wide variety of unique items. Some of my specialties are yard art, gongs, water features, plant stands and supports, and shelves. I'm especially proud of my guitar stands, which are custom made to mirror the exact instrument it will be displaying.
Indoor Water Features
There is nothing more calming than to hear water trickling from a fountain or to see water burbling from a feature in your own space. Indoor water features provide a constant sense of peace and tranquility away from the rest of the world. You provide the space and I will create a custom water feature that reflects your needs.
Outdoor Water Features
My very first creation was an outdoor pond and waterfall that is now the centerpiece of our back patio. It is one of my favorite places in the world and functions as both a crowd-pleasing gathering place and a peaceful setting for personal reflection. I have since built a variety of outdoor features. They range in size from a small birdbath in a naturally hollowed-out rock to a fairly large dry bed feature (that also functions as an infiltration area for excess run-off) to a very large pond that is the home to a variety of birds, fish and plants. All of my features are designed to minimize the use of elaborate filtration systems and chemicals. By incorporating aeration, abundant plantings and natural materials, I can create habitats that are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable.